MENtabolism is proud to be the official closing party for the Folsom Europe weekend in Berlin.
This event is MEN ONLY. Bring your favorite fetish attire. Expect an XXL play room. Our awesome DJs will play the sound of Berlin for you.

MENtabolism ist stolz darauf die offizielle Abschlußparty für das Folsom Europe Wochenende in Berlin zu sein. Diese Veranstaltung ist MEN ONLY. Komm in deinem aufregensten Fetish Outfit. Ein XXL DarkRoom erwartet dich. Unsere großartigen DJs werden euch wieder mit dem Sound of Berlin zum schwitzen bringen.

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MENtabolism, offizielle Folsom Europe closing party, 15. September 2019, ab 23:00 Uhr, playing Berlin's finest Techno, Dresscode Fetish, Men only,
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We are very proud to announce that for this party we are partnering up with two amazing companies located in the heart of Schöneberg.

Boner Store link

The Boner Store offers an eclectic collection of exclusive brands in underwear, fetish gear, club wear, personal lubricants & toys of the highest quality so you can enjoy and express yourself in the club, bedroom and beyond. Check out their website at:

R & Co Leather Fetish store

R & Co offers a huge selection of Leather-, Rubber-, Fetish- and Sportswear. Additionally they sell kinky toys in all sizes, personal lubricants and lots of specialized accessoires. Most of their products are designed and made in house. Check out their website at: